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      Get ready, because this isn’t your average free pod training…

      Inside Podcast Bootcamp, we’ll help you make the 4 most important podcast decisions: 

      • Podcast Name: We’ll workshop podcast names with you LIVE (we’ve done this for over 600 podcasts between us – it’s our fave part!)
      • Podcast Framework: Be able to easily express what your show + who it’s for with our proven process for attracting your ideal audience. 
      • Podcast Format: Decide whether your show will be solo, interview, or a variety of both + best practices for each.
      • Podcasting Gear: Equipment isn’t one-size-fits-all. Know exactly what you need to record on a budget that works for YOU!

      So you can stop procrastinating and start creating your podcast confidently and easily.

      BONUS! We’ll even show you how to get professionally produced and launched with zero tech experience by this summer.

      Meet the Women Behind Concept Camp:

      G’day! I’m Ginni Saraswati,

      With a career spanning over a decade in broadcast radio, Ginni has become a distinct voice in podcasting.

      Moving to Australia from Sri Lanka when she was two years old, Ginni was shy and timid, in her first weeks at school and didn’t speak at all. It was only through the encouragement of her teachers and best friend that she found the confidence to speak up. Ginni studied Media and Creative Arts at La Trobe University in Melbourne. One summer break, she answered an ad for a trainee scheme at Joy 94.9 FM. Ginni wanted in, but only as long as it was behind the scenes! Jump-cut to one month later, and Ginni was firmly in front of the mic… and loving every minute. Hosting two prime time morning shows on Joy FM, The Hump Day Crew and Rise Up Radio. During this time, she brightened the morning commute for thousands of listeners in Melbourne and later appeared on LA Talk Radio.

      When Ginni first visited New York, she fell in love with the city’s energy, and the unusual synergies she found there between arts, culture, and creativity. It inspired her to take a fresh look at her career. She loved everything about radio – the people, the creativity, the intimacy – but she also loved new media and tech. How could she unite these two passions?

      Now, hosting the multi-award nominated podcast, The Ginni Show, people far and wide took notice…
      • The Australian Podcast Awards, Comedy Category (Finalist)
      • Broadcaster of the Year at the Australian LGBTI Awards (Nominated)
      • Dual Nova Podquest (Top 10 Finalist)
      • Winner of GIVA Expert and Thought Leadership Award
      • Top 22 Influencers in Podcasting for 2022
      • Winner of the Edward R Murrow Award in Brodcasting
      Now she’s the founder the owner of Ginni Media, a leading podcast production house, where I am honored to work with incredible clients including Allure, Conde Nast, Architectural Digest, WIRED, and Siemens, and produce podcasts like Stay Grounded, Vanessa Wants to Know, Messy and Magnificent. And also the co-founder of Metro Podcast Studio in NYC and The Podcast Accelerator.

      Producing For:


      And I’m Michelle Sorro,

      TV Host turned successful entrepreneur, master coach and mentor, and host of the Fire and Soul podcast.

      I’ve helped thousands scale an online impact and worked with globally known entrepreneurs and high-performance experts across a broad spectrum of industries including a US Presidential candidate…

      But even I hesitated when faced with the prospect of creating my own podcast. Despite having been on TV, my imposter syndrome was off the chain and demanding, “Who do you think you are to start a podcast?” 

      However, deep in my soul I felt called to serve and make a real difference in this world so I decided to feed my faith over fear. Only I had no idea where or how to begin. In fact, after months on the Google bar, I was more confused and overwhelmed than before my search began.

      But as fate would have it, I found Ginni and six months later, Fire and Soul came to life. Now, 180+ episodes later, hundreds of thousands of downloads, and 6-figure biz collaborations with guests later, I can’t imagine what my life would look like without this incredible journey.

      Today I’m on a wholehearted mission to empower others to breakthrough anything holding them back from their personal power and full self expression. And it starts by helping guide your podcast dreams come true.

      You may have seen me on:

      We Focus on Results

      Together, We Joined Forces, Co-Founded the Podcast Accelerator and Launched 150 Podcasts Since 2020…

      We Created This Podcast Bootcamp to Help You Get Your Message Out There With Ease!

      No more googling, tech overwhelm, or imposter syndrome and trying to figure it out on your own.

      You’re about to overcome any obstacle or big question standing in the way of finally getting your podcast off the runway.

      Because the truth is… the podcasting movement has only just begun. Getting started now is the equivalent of investing in Apple circa 2009.

      But more importantly, there are people out there who want and NEED to hear what you have to say so whether you’re…

      Bottom line:

      If the idea of hitting record and sharing your unique perspective to drive results in your business, build your legacy, help more people, or simply experiment with a unique creative outlet LIGHTS you up — this FREE LIVE and intimate Podcast Bootcamp was made for you.

      One Last Thing…

      If you’re wondering whether attending Podcast Bootcamp is *REALLY* worth your time, here’s your answer:

      We’ve heard it too many times to count, from talented beginners to established entrepreneurs, the old, “I’ll do it someday” excuse.

      But “someday” is where dreams, good ideas, and easily attainable goals go to die. And… our honesty is what makes this Podcast Bootcamp you’re about to sign up for like no other.

      Because the truth is a podcast is just an empty vessel. It’s your one-of-a-kind voice, vision, personality, and subject matter that give podcasting LIFE and demand that people notice.

      And all of those things? They’re kind of confronting, maybe even downright confusing. How do you stand out? Who do you want to reach? Why should perfect strangers listen to you?

      The list of questions goes on and on, but what doesn’t is the limited amount of time you have on this planet to realize your dreams, push your limits, and RISE to the challenge of fulfilling your full potential.

      Our promise to you: you’ll close your laptop when this Podcast Bootcamp ends with far fewer questions and a lot more clarity. You’ll walk away with the name of your podcast, your podcast’s framework, your show’s format, the exact recording setup you need to fit your budget, and a proven production plan that aligns with your business, life, & goals. 

      That, my friend, is better than any Netflix binge or Instagram blackhole your free time might otherwise go to. So are you with us?

      Because we’re with you every step of the way.

      To creating your podcasting success, 

      Michelle & Ginni

      Podcast Accelerator

      What our Podcast Students have to say about us

      Joseph Mcclendon III

      43 Episodes and Fifty-Five 5 Star Ratings
      “The greatest part is that they take you by the hand: you do this first, you do this next, and at the end of it, you’ve got it done!”

      Tanika Ray

      Mamaste Podcast
      Award-Winning Entertainment Reporter
      “In a world filled with so many distractions, the Podcast Accelerator was vital in providing a step-by-step blueprint for my goal of creating a podcast I’d had for over three years but it never got done. Joining the PA gave me comfort in the fact that every week we would check in and support each other.”

      Erin Mielzynski

      Unspoken Bravery Podcast
      3x Olympian World Cup Skier
      “I’m so thankful for the Podcast Accelerator. Not only for how professional, fast, and fun it all was while living a very busy life. But also for being supportive, honest, positive, and for creating an unexpected community. Seriously, I’ve had a lot of coaches… a lot. And Michelle and Ginni are great ones!”
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