Yes, you should start a Podcast!

You're a Multi Passionate Podcaster

Based on your responses, you’ll be a perfect fit for podcasting once you get clear on your “why” because…

Sooo passionate!

Your quiz results tell me…

you’re curious, spontaneous, inquisitive, and mayyybe a teensy bit scattered.

But for all that, you’re a megafan of podcasts — listening to them, quoting them, and sharing them.

You’re passionate about learning new things and saving up fun facts to fill up awkward silences on your next night out. You love asking questions — the deep, detailed, distinctive questions that prompt the most revealing answers.

But you might not have given much thought to what topic you’d actually zero in on and all the hard freaking work that goes into the backend of creating a podcast.

And you know what’s great about that?

You’re a blank slate, a clean hard drive, an empty vessel, just waiting to be filled up with inspiration and technological know-how.

But first, you need an idea. You need a vision.

Your curiosity has driven you to take this quiz, but is it enough to get you through the hard work of creating a podcast from the ground up?

Don’t worry, once you have a clear idea of what kind of podcast you’d like to create, and what message you’d like to get out to the world, planning your future podcast will come together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. And just think of all the new things you’ll learn along the way.

More than just plugging in a mic and uploading a sound file, the machine that drives a podcast is full of fascinating moving parts.

Guest speakers, industry experts, sponsors, advertisers, production assistants, hosting platforms… each aspect will challenge you and broaden your skillset as you go.

But here’s the thing: successful podcasting takes work, it takes commitment, and it takes having a clear set of goals that fire you up enough to put your ideas into motion. Are you willing to dive in?

By the end of this quiz result you’ll have a whole lot more clarity.

Ready to reveal how to bring your podcast potential to life?

Let’s hit record and dive in! 👇

Success cannot be measured by power, money, or influence. It can only be measured by your impact.


Your Potential Podcasting Advantages:

Curiosity & Cleverness

Your Not-So-Secret Podcasting Advantages:
  • Driven
  • Intriguing
  • Dedicated
  • Tuned In
Your Powerhouse Podcast Doppelgangers:
  • Michelle Obama
  • Duncan Trussell
  • Joe Rogan

Your Podcast Would Be Voted Most Likely 

to “Keep Listeners on Their Toes”

Your Potential Podcast Pitfalls may include

Lack of Focus, Hazy vision, and Imposter Syndrome

Your goals in a Nutshell.

Nurturing Your Relationships

Your friends and family mean the world to you. You’ve got each other’s backs and you’re each other’s biggest fans.

And in a crazy world like this one, relationships are the key to helping you feel safe and stay sane.

With a podcast you’ll be able to nurture relationships all over the globe. And maybe even connect with some of your heroes!

Exploring the World of Ideas

You love being inspired and inspiring others, and you can’t get enough of listening to your favorite podcasts and hearing about your favorite topics.

It might be time you took all of that inspiration and became a part of the conversation?

Learning All of the Things

The more information you have, the more ideas you get: the more ideas you get, the more projects you want to create: the more projects you want to create, the more information you need…

Rinse and repeat.

Your future podcast will give you a chance to put all of that research and information to good use.

And you know what they say, the best way to learn is to teach.

Before you start Googling microphones and hit record...

Let's go back to those potential podcast pitfalls:

You’ve got strengths for days, but based on your results there are a few things that could stand in your way of becoming a podcast superstar.

Lack of Focus

As a person with acute curiosity, shiny new things will always catch your eye and occasionally drag you off course. 

But, hey, now and then that’s a total blessing. From iPhones to toaster ovens, we owe a lot to human inquisitiveness, but, when it comes to podcasting, you have to balance out that spontaneity with a little self-restraint.

An intense schedule and the pressure to create content can be difficult to manage when Pinterest is showing you artisan sourdough recipes and there’s a new TikTok dance to learn. 

Luckily, you can tailor your podcast to fit your attention span. Uploading once every two weeks instead of twice weekly will give you plenty of time to stop and feed your sourdough starter. 

The most important thing? Pick a schedule you can stick to. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of leaving your followers hanging (plus, I’m willing to bet, you’ve got enough brilliant ideas for months of high-quality content).

Hazy Vision

This isn’t the kind of hazy vision you get from too many mojitos on a Zoom call with your buddies…

Because your curiosity keeps your list of interests so diverse, it can be difficult to narrow your scope and laser focus on what you want for your future and your podcast.

Without that vision, it’s hard to stay on track and keep working towards what will fill you with satisfaction. What’ll allow you to lean back in your task chair after a ten hour day and say “that grind was so worth it.”

If you’re a little lost, check out the Visioning steps below to dial in and see your future clearly. Start with what comes naturally to you. What would you choose to learn about if podcasting were out of the question

Oh! And that Imposter Syndrome thing? We’ll take are of that 👇 don’t you worry!

3 Steps to take you from pure podcast potential to certified action taker climbing up that iTunes chart


Before you can even think about hitting record, there are a few things to get clear on, whether it be format (Single host, Co-host, Panel, Interview, Storytelling), genre (Wellness, Business, Spiritual, Inspiration) or market (young professionals, moms, businessmen, entrepreneurs) you first have to get clear on your purpose and message.

Let’s try a vision exercise.

No, this has nothing to do with your eyes, but it has everything to do with where you see yourself in the future. 

Step One: Find a quiet place to focus and relax

Put on your coziest socks, grab a blanket, and choose a space in your home to get comfortable and quiet.

You can choose to lie down or to sit.

If you’re going to lie down, place a couple of cushions under your knees to relax your lower back. And if you choose to sit, do so on top of those cushions so that your knees are lower than your hips.

Next, place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart and feel your breath.

Don’t do anything to change it at first, just let your mind focus on the fact that you are a living, breathing, creative being.

After five or six natural breaths, start to get more intentional.

Breathe deeply into your belly and feel it expand under your hand. Then guide the breath from your belly into your chest, expanding in all directions.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders, just lovingly guide it back into your breathing, feeling body and let yourself relaaaaax.

It’s so much easier for us to be creative and positive when we’re relaxed. And this simple breathing exercise will help your nervous system shift from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic (rest, digest, and heal). 

Set an alarm for 5-10 minutes (at least!) and let yourself soften so that your soul’s message can break through the noise of your busy life.

Step Two: Find your Big Why

After you’ve relaxed your body and your mind, ask yourself:

Why do I want to start a podcast?  

Is it to grow your audience? Increase the value and size of your professional network? Do you want to position yourself as an authority in your field? Maybe even make a little bit of money? 

Change the freaking world?

There’s no wrong answer here. And you might come up with different answers each time you ask. Write them all down in your journal so you can come back to your Big Why whenever you start to question yourself.

Step Three: Picture your ideal scenario

Ex. It’s 2 years along your podcasting journey, and you’re at the top of your game.  You have a growing list of top drawer guests, content creation is second nature, and your podcast is popular, successful, and has a solid 5 star rating.

Then go deeper: what does success feel like in your body? What has your podcast enabled you to create in your life? 

Write it all down in your journal and get really specific.

The more detailed you get, the easier it will be for you to feel that success right now, in the present. Which means you’ll be raising your vibration to match the life you want to live. 

And that’s what it takes to magnetize it to you.

Step Four: Acknowledge what you don’t want

Maybe you don’t want your podcast to take valuable time away from your family, or you don’t want the stress of doing it all alone. 

Whatever it is, get clear on what you do want, get clear on what you don’t want, and start setting some strong boundaries for yourself. 

Step Five: Ask yourself some probing questions

How do I envision my podcast? 

What does it look like? (branding) 

What does it sound like? (Voice and message)

What does it feel like? (Soul fulfillment, true purpose, success) 

What does it taste and smell like? (the sweet nectar of a job well done)

Where must I grow and expand in order to step into this vision?

What do I need to let go of in order to achieve it? (limiting self-beliefs, anyone?)

Is there anything else I need to know right now?

Step Six: Embrace daily visioning

Like any exercise, the more you do it, the better and more natural it will feel, and it will help you plan any task with ease and clarity. 

Light a candle or some incense, set your alarm, and let yourself totally relax.

Then give yourself at least 15 minutes a day to dream with your eyes open, envisioning what your life will look like once you’ve crushed all your goals. 

Step Seven: Know when to ask for outside help

This is a great time to poll your friends, your family, your social media community, your dog. Ask them what they see for you and your podcast future. Even consulting or hiring a team to help you with your vision can save you invaluable time and help keep you on your path to your true purpose.

Taking the time to find your vision, will bring you into alignment with your higher purpose. So you can follow your passion and unlock your true podcasting potential.


You can create a podcast with your iPhone but you’d be better off with a mic setup and your laptop.  Luckily, the price of recording equipment has gone way down since podcasts first became a thing. Now you can get a decent setup for under $200 and call it a day.

There’s a time investment, too. 

It takes time to plan, create, then edit and produce your content, but once you’ve got a system, everything will run smoothly.

So let’s talk about the real investment, the one you make in yourself.

When you take the first steps in your podcast journey and open yourself up to new challenges and opportunities, you’re going to learn, grow, and evolve into your true alignment and purpose. 

When you take inspired action, you will achieve epic results. Every. Single. Time.  


Fun Fact : The average beginner podcaster only makes it to their 3rd episode.

And of the people who make it past those first 3 episodes, only 20% make it to episode 18! *just kidding, it’s not a very fun fact.

So why the disconnect? 

Impostor syndrome: that queasy feeling you get when you try something new and you feel in over your head and you’re sure everyone is going to see you’re a “fraud.”

In short, Imposter Syndrome is the tiny little voice that sets in whenever you sit down to learn a new skill. It’s more common with artists and creatives, but it can get under the skin of even the most confident powerhouse.

Imposter syndrome sounds a bit like:

“I don’t like the sound of my own voice.”

There’s a reason for that; the way you hear your voice when you speak is completely different from the way it sounds when it’s recorded and played back to you.  Anyone who’s had a selfie photo inverted to show you how others see you knows how foreign something can look from a different perspective. The good news is, other people will love your voice! 

“I hardly know anything about broadcasting, who am I to start a podcast?”

Nobody starts out knowing it all. If you let this stop you your whole life, you’d still be wearing velcro shoes and letting your mom book your doctor’s appointments. Get curious, dive deep, and open your mind to all the new things that you learn as you go.  Pretty soon you’ll ask yourself, who am I to not start a podcast?

“Recording, editing, posting — it’s all so far outside my wheelhouse. I’m so overwhelmed.”

The good news is, you aren’t the first person to ever record a podcast, and most of the people who have gone before you love to share their knowledge. And for the things that you know you’ll never feel super comfortable with, don’t worry: we got you!.  

“This is hard work, will it ever get easier?”

Like any exercise, repetition creates effortlessness. One thing that I learned in 2020 is “Where the focus goes, the energy flows.”  By getting super clear on where you want to be and the steps you need to take to get there, you’ll be able to break it all down into manageable increments that won’t leave you paralyzed by the hugeness of it all. That’s when you’ll find your flow. 

“There are so many other talented podcasters out there, how will I ever measure up?”

Comparison is the thief of joy.


When you compare your beginning to someone else’s middle, you sabotage yourself. Instead of using comparison to make yourself feel like less, look at the people you admire as inspiration. They’re there because they worked hard to make the dream work, and you can, too!

But that’s not a surprise to a Powerhouse like you – you’re not afraid of a little hard work.

These thoughts are completely normal. But they shouldn’t hold you back.

As long as you align your thoughts and beliefs and take inspired action…

… Your wildest dreams will come true with less hustle, grit, and grind, and more flow, ease, and grace.

Pretty much everyone struggles to overcome negative thoughts when they first start to learn a new skill and leave their comfort zone.

But you are already enough.

And it’s time for you to rise up and lead.

The world needs more people like you blazing the trails into epic alignment and conscious leadership.


Embrace Humility

Yes! You’re going to make some mistakes.  But that’s how you learn.

No, you aren’t going to be Oprah right out of the gate. But nobody is — not even Oprah!

Yes, it’s all going to feel a bit overwhelming. But it’s also going to give you a chance to step into your big dreams and get your voice out there.

If you commit …

…to being humble enough to try… 

…to suck a bit in the beginning and embrace imperfection…

…to not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle…

… then you will grow into the podcasting powerhouse you are meant to become: a conscious thought leader, inspiring speaker, and thriving entrepreneur.

There’s freedom in letting yourself struggle through the unfamiliar, without judgement.

Focus on where you want to go, and don’t waste time worrying about where you’re afraid you might end up.

If you feed your faith in yourself, instead of your fears, nothing can hold you back. #believeittilyouachieveit

“So why podcasting and why now?” We’re glad you asked...

Podcasting is growing at superspeed, but it’s still new enough that there’s plenty of room for newcomers (yeah, looking at you 👀) with game-changing approaches and innovative ideas.

I mean, check out these stats…

68 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly.
108 million listen monthly. 

And on average, those listeners follow 6 podcasts/week.

Podcast ad revenue is predicted to hit 1.33 billion by 2022, up from 3.14 million in 2017.

Yep. That’s a 424% uptick in revenue in just 5 years?

There are only 850,000 active podcasts in the world, compared to 37 million YouTube channels and 500 million blogs.

What does that mean for you? Less competition to get your message out there and your voice heard.

And right now, with the way we work and connect constantly evolving, a podcast is an amazing way to pivot your own business and engage with your audience in an intimate way.

People are busy, but a podcast is easy to listen to while walking the dog, cleaning the house, or driving to work. 68 million Americans listen to podcasts every week and it’s time for your voice to be the message they hear. 

Podcasts aren’t only an incredibly intimate way for you to engage with and grow your audience — they’re also super useful because you can repurpose your podcast content to use across your business.  Share an excerpt on Instagram, publish a transcript on your blog, and shout out your guests on Linked-In, all while promoting your podcast and business. 

Best of all, you get to explore topics you’re passionate about and interview guests who inspire you!

Your own podcast will give you the chance to connect with your role models and idols, share your own experiences, stories, and expertise — and find and refine your voice along the way. 

And profound doesn’t even begin to describe the change that this journey has had on us personally.

We started meeting our heroes. Referrals started rolling in.  And both of our businesses started growing faster than we had ever imagined.

Interviewing our guests about the routines, mindsets, habits, principles, and actions that have led them to truly fulfilling lives has transformed us

If you’re ready to wake up, find your voice, be heard and rise up, and do something that aligns with your thoughts and beliefs, we are so here for it!

Podcast Accelerator

But maybe you’re wondering: Who is this magical “we” filling me in on my podcast potential, anyway?

Hey there! I’m Michelle Sorro, 7-Figure Transformation Coach and Digital CEO. I’m the Founder of Live Sales Mastery and Fire & Soul Academy, co-founder of The Podcast Accelerator, Bestselling Author, and proud fur Mama. I’ve worked with globally known entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and high-performance experts across a broad spectrum of industries, and even I hesitated when faced with the prospect of creating my own podcast. Now, 145+ episodes later, I can’t imagine what my life would look like without this incredible journey.

I’m going to be honest: podcasting wasn’t a dream I ever had. When I was younger, I dreamed of being on TV. But everything changed when I attended my first Date with Destiny seminar with Tony Robbins in 2017.

I woke up to knowing I was made for more… something deep in my soul felt called to serve, contribute and make a positive difference in this world. But I had no idea where or how to begin. That’s when a friend encouraged me to start a podcast and six months later, Fire and Soul came to life. Hundreds of thousands of downloads, over 250 five-star reviews, and 6-figure biz collaborations with guests later, life has never been the same.

I’ve got an insatiable drive, and passion and curiosity about all things mindset and success. So I started having conversations with friends, mentors, thinkers, geniuses, and inspirational people from all over the globe. I interview them about the routines, mindsets, principles, and actions that have led them to fulfilling lives, and I’ve learned something powerful from each and every one of them. Now I’m on a mission to empower millions to be seen and heard, and it starts by helping your podcast dreams come true!

You may have seen me on:

G’day! I’m Ginni Saraswati, CEO and Founder of Ginni Media, and host of The Ginni Show. My career has been all about using my voice, but I understand how difficult it is to find it.

Finding my voice didn’t come naturally. When I was two years old, my family immigrated to Australia from Sri Lanka. Being plopped into a new culture, I retreated into a protective shell and became a painfully shy kid, rarely using my vocal cords for years. It was only with encouragement from a caring teacher and best friend that I gained enough courage to speak up.

Before podcasting, I spent a decade working my voice in broadcast radio. The first time I sat behind the mic? Pure terror! I wanted nothing more than to retreat into my shell. Again, it was through the encouragement of others (my instructors and radio community) that I learned to use my voice.

Confidence is something that we nurture. I’ve found that we repeatedly rediscover our voices as we grow and change in life.

Now I’m the owner of Ginni Media, a leading podcast production house, where I am honored to work with incredible clients including Allure, Architectural Digest, WIRED, and Siemens, and produce podcasts like Stay Grounded, Vanessa Wants to Know, Messy and Magnificent, and Fire and Soul. I’m also the co-founder of Metro Podcast Studio in NYC and The Podcast Accelerator.

To this day, The Ginni Show helps me rediscover my voice. After being nominated at the Australian Podcast Awards for Best Comedy Podcast and Presenter of the Year at the Australian LBGTI Awards, I’ve witnessed the power of podcasting and uplifting your voice. Here, I’m stepping into the teacher’s role to help you find yours, too.

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Podcasting Resources Curated specially for you, Purposeful Podcaster!

To help you get started off on the right foot, we made a checklist to walk you through concept, graphic design, hosting platforms, and even choosing a theme song.
Too many options leave you struggling to choose the best podcast gear?

Battling Mindset Insecurities and need some serious inspiration?

Check out Michelle’s 100th Journey To Fire And Soul episode recap where she shares her top AHA Moments with her favorite guests so far. Promise it’ll help you keep dreaming big and taking the inspired action necessary to make the dream happen!

Now that you know your podcasting potential and have a tangible action plan to put your dreams into motion, where do you go from here?

The bad news: this marks the end of your quiz results (they were fun, right?!) 

The good news: this is the very beginning of your podcasting journey and you’ve got 2 big hearted pros in your corner cheering you on every step of the way! 

When it comes to starting a podcast that fits your brand, helps you reach your goals, and feels like an absolute JOY to produce, there’s a lot to know. Too much for us to cover in one quiz result. That’s why we’ll be showing up in your inbox with more insights, inspiration, tangible action steps, and stories of successful podcasters who started with an idea and created an empire. 

Head over to your inbox right now because there’s a surprise headed your way (and a link to reference your results any time you need them!) 

We’re so incredibly grateful to have you in our community and can’t wait to learn more about your podcast dreams. We had our turn in the spotlight, now it’s yours —  hit reply once you get to your inbox and introduce yourself. Bonus points if you share some of your podcast vision. 

Here’s to reaching all your big goals, friend. Let’s make it happen! 

All our love

Michelle and Ginni