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The Podcast Accelerator

The Podcast Accelerator is the only white glove done *for* you program of its kind.

Doors Opening Spring 2024

Podcast Accelerator

We’d love to see you inside the Podcast Accelerator!

You're here for a reason….

The idea to start your podcast has found you. You’re ready to share your one-of-a-kind message with the world and totally get the power of a platform, but have no idea how to make it happen.

You’ve been talking about it for awhile maybe even years…

But have procrastinated because it’s utterly  overwhelming. You’ve been down the rabbit hole search trying to figure out the tech and felt even more confused than before you asked the Google Gods.

And the imposter syndrome… good grief, that’s enough to stop just about anyone from launching on their own.

No wonder most people only talk about launching a podcast and never do it.

Well, that’s where we come in

The Podcast Accelerator is the only done *for* you program of its kind (we literally produce and launch your first episode for you). We’ll not only show you how to create and launch your pod – but we’ll also share untold practices to promote it like a pro. So you can attract ideal listeners and dream guests to your show.

Doors Opening Spring 2024

We Focus on Results

We have launched over 195 podcasts since 2020

And to be super clear

…the Podcast Accelerator is not one of those self-paced, DIY programs you’ll never finish.

Nope, we’re a white glove, full-service team with an insanely effective accountability system to keep you on track. Our course completion rate is over 90%! Why? We teach all classes LIVE, provide unparalleled support that includes 1:1 tech calls, and have an amazing community of people just like you.

Most importantly, we guarantee a professionally produced podcast (custom cover artwork, music, and audio editing, and personal coaching) on all the major apps (Apple, Spotify, and more) by the end of the 8-week program!

So who is this we?

We teamed up to help new podcasters find their voices and produce the best podcasts possible – without all the Googling and Imposter Syndrome muddying up the process.

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Podcast Accelerator

We’d love to see you inside the Podcast Accelerator!

Doors Opening Spring 2024