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Joseph McClendon III

I wanted somebody who had been there, done that, and could take care of me the right way. Michelle and Ginni showed me not just how to do it, but in a few short weeks, you have a published podcast with everything. It was brilliant. Now is the time!

Mandi Dana

Launching my podcast was a big step. It was scary, wonderful, and exciting all at the same time. Ginni and Michelle made it so simple it was like plug and play. It’s really one of the best investments I’ve made in my business, worth the money 10-fold.

Alex Molden

I am ecstatic that I was able to get in on the very first round of The Podcast Accelerator. It’s been an amazing experience. Everything is hands-on, making sure you’re on task. I really needed that. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity!

Trisha G

Everyday Awesome Podcast
The only reason I have a podcast is the Podcast Accelerator. They walked me through, the name, who’d have as guests, what typ of podcast-got me from zero to launch in a few weeks!

Christie Love

Be Seen Be Loved
Now I finally have a platform where I am open and able to serve millions of people all over the world to overcome their challenges and see success on the other side.

Kimberley Snider

I went from chaos and dread and lacking in self-confidence to empowerment: I am a Podcaster!

Bridget Sampson

Co-Host of The Right Questions
We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but we realized there’s a lot to a podcast if we really wanted to do it right. We got everything that we needed. We got so much support and inspiration. We learned everything. How to figure out our topic, how to get our title and cover art, and how to market and promote the podcast. We’re getting a great response and it’s opened up an amazing conversation.

Steve Lawrence

Ignited Learning with Steve Lawrence
They make you the hero. They truly are the guides guiding you through every step of the way. Figuring out the technical pieces, how to curate your content, and most importantly, the work with your mindset. They have this magic touch to help you push through any fears you have about sharing your voice or message.

Amy Ziegart

I chose The Podcast Accelerator with Michelle and Ginni for their get-it-done attitude, white-glove service from start to finish, and professionalism. They were real and transparent and kept me accountable throughout the entire process.

Here at The Podcast Accelerator HQ, We Believe Proof Speaks Louder Than Any Promise We Could Ever Make. And luckily, we’ve got plenty of it.

Alex Molden

Ex-NFL Player and Personal Development Speaker and Coach
“It’s been an amazing experience. Everything has been hands-on, holding your hand, making sure that everybody stays on task and I really needed that. I’m excited about what the future holds.”

Hanny Patel

Business Development & Acquisitions for Premiere Digital Services
“This program is incredible!! The word “Accelerator” could not be more accurate. It’s gotten me out of my head and into action, making what I dreamed about doing actually come to life. All thanks to the excellent curriculum and leadership, guidance and support of the inspiring Michelle Marie Sorro and super talented Ginni Saraswati! Amazing!”

Billy Gallo

Founder and Owner of the Manhattan Actor Studio
“As the owner of a brick and mortar acting studio in Los Angeles and forced to shut my studio doors when the lockdown hit, I knew I had to pivot to an online platform to reach more students with virtual classes. I launched my podcast in April 2020 and by the end of the year doubled my business revenue. I’m now GLOBAL and it’s all because of having a podcast!”

Michelle & Mark

Founders and Coaches at The Dream Architects
“Amazing. The sessions are clear and well delivered, thorough yet not overly complex, and extremely well guided by two professionals who simply know their stuff. Grateful and really appreciate what Michelle and Ginni have put together. Thank you so much ❤”

Alexia Melocchi

Partner at Little Studio Films
“Having a podcast got me a 6-figure book deal from a listener in another country!” – Alexia Melocchi, host of the Heart of Show Business Podcast”

Joseph Mcclendon III

43 Episodes and Fifty-Five 5 Star Ratings
“The greatest part is that they take you by the hand: you do this first, you do this next, and at the end of it, you’ve got it done!”

Tanika Ray

Mamaste Podcast
Award-Winning Entertainment Reporter
“In a world filled with so many distractions, the Podcast Accelerator was vital in providing a step-by-step blueprint for my goal of creating a podcast I’d had for over three years but it never got done. Joining the PA gave me comfort in the fact that every week we would check in and support each other.”

Erin Mielzynski

Unspoken Bravery Podcast
3x Olympian World Cup Skier
“I’m so thankful for the Podcast Accelerator. Not only for how professional, fast, and fun it all was while living a very busy life. But also for being supportive, honest, positive, and for creating an unexpected community. Seriously, I’ve had a lot of coaches… a lot. And Michelle and Ginni are great ones!”

Brenda Miller

The Kid Code Playground Podcast
Conflict Resolution Facilitator
“This class unexpectedly developed into one of the most connecting and joyful aspects of my business! On top of their expertise, they bring everyone an enlightening experience: Michelle, with her grace, and Ginni with her playfulness. I’m very grateful to them both.”

Elena Petrescu

Rewired Inspired Podcast
Transformational Hypnotist
“As a direct result of taking the podcast accelerator program, I launched my podcast six weeks into the program. How cool is that? Michelle and Ginnie are amazing at what they do, the mentoring, tech support, step-by-step guidance, you get all that, and more.”

Kimberly Snider

HR Leadership Coach and Consultant
“I went from chaos and dread and lacking in self-confidence to absolute empowerment: I am a Podcaster! And I got a high-paying consulting role, several coaching clients, and a speaking gig because of my podcast!”

Jackie Tapia

Founding Partner at Tapia & Valenzuela, LLP
“My podcast has been a game changer in my business in terms of leverage and authority for content, promotions, and more importantly, it’s given me a sense of purpose. I’m making $$$, selling out LIVE events, and I even wrote a book with my podcast title. My podcast has led to changing so many lives, especially mine.”

Nicole Windley

Life Success Coach
“I just collaborated with my dream guest! We hosted a weekend in-person retreat that generated 4 figures. I did it because of my podcast. That was amazing!”

Nicholas Ofak

Managing Partner at MPC Builders
“I’d been thinking about a podcast for nearly a year and am certain another year would have gone by if this course didn’t exist. The name of this course couldn’t be more fitting and the community and accountability was without a doubt the best thing about it! To put it simply this course is extremely undervalued. I have already created two biz collaborations with guests and several sponsors $$$!”

Ashley Gonor

Creator and Coach of Raising Confidence
“Having a podcast is everything! It gave me the courage to launch a coaching program for teens I’d been wanting to do for years. I finally did and hit 4 figures on my very first launch! All because I gained so much confidence as an expert in my field through my podcast platform.”

Torund Bryhn

Publisher, Business Strategist, and Scholar
“The podcast has created some amazing opportunities. This is an investment in me, my brand, my marketing, and everything I’m building. And what’s really cool is I get to interview people I really want to have a relationship with, I get to develop a deeper connection between us. Some of my guests have become business partners. And, the value of that business partnership is priceless!”

Bonni Howard

Business Operations Professional
“I have a master’s level education in online learning so I know a thing or two about what it should look like. I am BLOWN AWAY by how well thought out and easy to follow the materials are. And, I got a high-paying consulting gig. Thank you for putting your hearts and souls into this incredible program!”

Janna Lopez

Eyedentity Talk Podcast
Author, Speaker, and Writing Coach
Wonderfully and skillfully patient teachers and guides; thoughtful material in every user-experience and application aspect; easy to access, understand, and navigate instructions; clear intentions about the why’s and how’s of assignments and process; guided by love and support; professionally crafted course outline in terms of pacing and flow; white glove service with attention, support, and knowledge-sharing; IMPRESSIVE and INSPIRATIONAL! So grateful to be part of this experience in voice, growth, and connection!

Alex Frankpitt

Flowerhood Podcast
Master Gardener and Founder of Sun Sage
When I think back to 8 weeks ago, the idea of having a fully produced podcast, professionally edited and out there on all major players was merely a fantasy. The results that Michelle Sorro and Ginni Saraswati from Ginni Media produce are nothing short of breathtaking. Not only am I out there but I’m recording the next shows. What felt like the Himalayas was smoothed into gentle rolling hills and with their motto of leaving no man or woman behind. This has to be the best course I’ve taken in the last 10 years. Don’t think twice, even without the completed podcast what I learned about myself along the way and my potential was worth the price. thank you. And a big thank you to Sarah Peplinski @ Ginni Media who reassured us no question was too stupid ?

Keri Faith

Business Consultant and Transformational Coach
The Podcast Accelerator made the entire process of producing a Podcast from Step 1 to launch a breeze. I felt supported during weekly assignments that were very approachable and never felt overwhelmed. It was done and completed before I knew it. Launching my Podcast was one of the best days of my life. Having a supportive community was the best part of it all! Thank you to all those that made it possible! I would give it 5 stars ? ? ? ? ?

Adam Kruger

Enhanced Living Podcast
TV Host, Producer, and Executive Coach
I knew that I wanted to start my podcast, but had no idea where to start or what to do. Then I found out about Michelle and Ginni’s podcast accelerator. I jumped in head first and couldn’t have made a better decision. The professionalism, accountability, and genuine care that Michelle, Ginni, and Sarah provide is top-notch. They take you from concept to completion in 8 amazing weeks, and everything is first-class. I really felt like they went above and beyond for everyone in the group. The value you get for the price that you pay is unbelievable. Truly, if you’re thinking of starting a podcast, doing it with the help of Michelle and Ginni is the only way to go!

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